Academic appeals and complaints

All AMBI students have the right to:

  • Make an academic appeal if you believe there is a suitable reason to appeal against an academic decision that affects you.
  • Lodge a complaint if you believe you have been wrongly and unjustly treated by AMBI or any of its staff members.

To lodge an appeal or complaint:

  1. Download and complete the relevant form. You will be required to provide details of your appeal or complaint and upload any supporting documents necessary.
  2. Submit it in person to an AMBI administrative staff member, or online by emailing your form to

For more information about AMBI’s appeals and complaints policy, please refer to the International Student Handbook.

All appeals and complaints will be formally recorded by AMBI. Your privacy will be maintained in accordance with AMBI’s Privacy Legislation and Access to Records Policy.

Study Skills Services

At AMBI, we want to help you succeed in your study. We offer a range of information, workshops and services to help you focus your study skills.

These include the following:

AMBI Online Learning: learn how to navigate AMBI Online Learning Services

Time Management: Learn how to manage your time more efficiently

Managing Stress and Anxiety: Learn how to maintain your confidence and wellbeing

Find out more about AMBI’s study skills supports by speaking to a staff member.



AMBI is required to monitor the enrolment load of students to ensure that at all times you are in a position to complete the course within the duration specified on your visa.

If you require assistance with your enrolment, speak to an AMBI administration staff member.



AMBI offers free and confidential counselling services to assist you with a range of personal, academic and administrative challenges.

To get started, arrange an appointment with one of our counsellors by sending an email to You will be required to complete a confidential assessment form prior to your first appointment. 

If you require psychological and mental health support, the following community resources are available:


Sexual assault, indecent assault and sexual harassment

AMBI is committed to creating a safe community for both staff and students.

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault or harassment, please seek professional support from an AMBI or Community Service.

You can contact Sexual assault counselling services Bathurst:  02 6330 5291 or Bathurst police at 02 6332 8699


Report all incidents of sexual assault or harassment to AMBI and/or the Police.


If you require immediate help, call 000 for police services.


Student IT

All AMBI students and staff are issued a unique AMBI login username and default password. Upon the initial login, users will be asked to create a new password.

This username and password will provide students and staff with access to their AMBI email, access to

  • Wi-Fi
  • Computers
  • Printers and scanners.

If you require assistance with your AMBI student account or accessing ICT facilities, please contact IT Support by lodging your enquiry by phone on (02) 8076 2248 or emailing

Online Learning

At AMBI, we believe that students should be learning in a variety of ways.

All students will have access to Google Classroom, a blended learning platform that allows trainers and students to create, share and grade assignments. Students enrolled in relevant units of competency will also have access to Sharepoint where the trainer will share the learning guides and other teaching materials that need to study online. It is including, but not limited to both theory and assessment tasks related to that particular unit.

If you require assistance with accessing AMBI’s online learning platforms, please contact IT Support by lodging your enquiry by phone on (02) 8076 2248 or emailing


In order to study in Australia, international students must apply for a student visa (there is an exception for students offered a program, such as the English Language Course, of less than three months). International students must obtain a student visa to travel to Australia. Student visas are issued for full-time students only and allowed to work part time.

To apply for a student visa, international students must provide evidence that they have the sufficient funds to cover their tuition fees and living expenses incurred when they live in Australia, and meet the health requirements. They must have adequate health insurance which is called Oversea Student Health Cover (OSHC) while in Australia.

For more information about different visa types and the requirements for an international student go to the
Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory in accordance to the Australian Government. Family includes the student, the spouse of the student and any dependent children of the student up to 18 years of age who have been authorised to enter and remain with the student and who are residing at the same place of residence as the student in Australia.

At AMBI, we are happy to provide assistance in purchasing OSHC. You can talk to our reception if you need any help in regards to arrangement of OSHC on your behalf.

For more detailed information in regards to OSHC refer to Alternatively contact:

Medibank Private website by phone 1800 188 188

Australian Health Management website or by phone on 1300 225 182

BUPA website or by phone on 1800 888 942

OSHCALLIANZ website or by phone on 13 67 42

nib website or by phone on 1800 814 924


As an international student, under most circumstances, you have the right to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the academic calendar and full-time hours during vacations.

Before student start working, they will need a Tax File Number which is a reference number the Australian government uses to keep track of your employment situation so they know how much you need to pay in tax per year. You will need this number to accept employment, ensure you are paid the correct amount of tax and are able to lodge a tax return at the end of the financial year.
For more information about the Tax File Number, please see the Australian Government Taxation Office website.

While working in Australia, students will have opportunities to improve their soft skill within the Australian work environment, get more friends and improve their English.

At AMBI, we understand that you may want to work during your time in Australia in order to earn extra income. Our staff is willing to help and give you advice about working in Australia.

To find more information about your working rights in Australia, these are websites that may help you in understanding the working rights of international student in Australia:

FairWork Ombudsman website or contact Fairwork Infoline: 13 13 94

Migrant Employment Legal Service website or contact via the phone line: 02 8002 120

Redfern Legal Centre website or contact via the phone line: 02 9698 7277