With extensive experience in the beauty industry, AMBI understands that the industry is always changing to meet the demands and expectations of the market. As a beauty therapist, you constantly need to keep up with these changes. This is where AMBI can help! AMBI provides training workshops so that you can improve your knowledge and keep up with the latest techniques in the beauty industry in just 1-3 days!

If you have not worked in the beauty industry before, these short courses will provide an excellent introduction to the industry and allow you to gain knowledge and new skills in beauty techniques.

SHBBBOS007 Apply Cosmetic Tanning Products

SHBBBOS007 Apply Cosmetic Tanning Products Do want to learn about cosmetic tanning and understand about the products? This is your class. During this 1 day short course, you will be instructed from the start to the end of applying cosmetic tanning. You will be trained

SHBBMUP009 Design and apply make-up

SHBBMUP009 Design and apply make-up The Design and Apply Make-Up course is the need to know course for anybody wishing to utilise the perfect combination of make-up to design the perfect face, not only for yourself, but for others too. ​

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions In this course, you will learn how to apply eyelash extensions in order to meet client needs. You will be taught how to select and apply eyelash extensions of various lengths and thicknesses

CHCCOM006 Establish and Manage Client Relationships

Have you ever thought of improving customer services for your business? How can you establish and manage good relationships with clients? You can find your answer in this class!

SHBBHRS010 Provide waxing services

Do you want upgrade your waxing skills to the next level? This is the course that you should be considered to study!

SHBBFAS004 Provide Lash And Brow Services

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, filling in your brows can be a tedious part of your daily make-up routine. With this Lash and Brow Tinting short course, you will no longer have to worry about getting that full set of brows in the morning

SHBBNLS007 Provide manicure and pedicare services

Have you ever thought of becoming a nail technician? At AMBI, we provide comprehensive training programs which will mainly focus on practical skills in order to giving you the best outcomes for your study.

SHBBFAS005 Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations

SHBBFAS005 Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations Have you been thinking of a new career? Would you like to start with one of the most relaxing and rewarding treatments in beauty world? This is the course that you should consider!

SHBBBOS010 Use reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments

Reflexology is a fun and interactive 2-day course. You will learn the fundamental concepts of using reflexology relaxation techniques

SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards

This is a 1-day course which provides training in infection control standards in a clinic environment during skin penetration treatments.

SHBBBOS009 Provide aromatherapy massage

This is an enjoyable and informative class, where you will learn about the benefits of different oils and how to use them in massage practice. During this course, you will be taught how to establish client priorities, and synthesise knowledge of anatomy and physiology

SHBBBOS008 Provide body massages

SHBBBOS008 Provide body massages In this class, you will be able to learn and understand about massage techniques and how it will affect to human body. This class will mainly focus on relaxation massage techniques to bring the refreshment to you clients, friends and family.